iPhone Dvorak Keyboard App

iPhone Dvorak Keyboard

Can you believe that for all this time the iPhone and iPad never had a Dvorak keyboard layout? Now it does, with DK Digital Media’s iPhone Dvorak Keyboard app.

Until now, the only way iPhone users could implement a Dvorak keyboard was to jailbreak their phone, a risky (and arguably illegal) process. Now with the Dvorak Keyboard app, you can type from within any app with the keyboard layout you like most.

Features include:

  1. Works from within any program!!

  2. Looks nice on both iPhone and iPad screens

  3. Full Dvorak Keyboard layout

  4. Upper and lowercase keyboards!

  5. Portrait and Landscape orientations

  6. User-definable settings for Caps Lock, Key Clicks, and more!

Finally a Dvorak Keyboard for the iPhone and iPad!!!
 Now available for iOS 8!!!http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id922305583?mt=8